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Website -

This site combines monetization of services with the provision of ministrations to unleash a portal that speaks for itself. With revenue in the first 6 months composed of:-

  • 432 approved appointments via the website
  • £2932 in revenue for 16 days of actual appointment time
  • Search visibility at an optimum (see for yourself by 'Googling' the business)

For a new business, the proprietor remains ecstatic. See his review in the list here


Website -

This business needed a full face and functionality uplift right after COVID-19 infiltrated their business in 2020. We analysed all systems and detected the need for a high performance digital space - a website! The new site:-

  • Will allow monetization in due course once the business re-opens by allowing online bookings
  • Allows for full integration with SM platforms including Facebook and Instagram
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization feeds the business' visibility. This has simply been achieved through detailed analysis of a web technology appropriated for the Optics industry.


Website -

A site with a design appealing to the eyes of all Health and Beauty proprietors. Read Hannah's testimonial here



So it's all about BUDDINGBRAINS? No problem!

Web Development at it's best!

Let Compudoug Services Limited make your vision a reality!

Game-changing BUDDINGBRAINS website


1. CONTENT - As unreal as it sounds the number of words per page is significant but leave that to us.

2. GRAPHICS -  It's not just the 'beauty' of graphics that defines it but it's associated characteristics including rendering, pixelation, size, tagging info, to mention a few that really optimizes and brings an image alive.

3. SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY - Voice Search with Cortana? Voice Search with Google Assistant? Bing? Yahoo? Google? Foursquare? Yell? ABC local? GuideLocal? HotFrog?

Even though the list seems endless, Compudpug Services Limited will align your business needs with its visibility to your specific industry.

4. EMERGING VERTICALS -That's also our forte!. Supply the resources and we'll deliver it impeccably.

5. BACKUP & SECURITY - LOL! No hassle with our solution. The number of times we witness the absence of a system being replicated to ensure redundancy is jaw-dropping.

The 5 points above exemplify a subset of the spectrum our competence & expertise cover.




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1. £995 - Entry point with full project specifications confirmed prior to affirming this price point.

2. Discount offers - No current offers from the month of February onwards for the short term.




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