Compudoug Services Limited is an Online Centres Network Partner of Good Things Foundation and over the last year we have been involved in implementing targeted community projects aimed at increasing the UK digital footprint through a sustained delivery of digital devices and digital skills, hence improving the socio-economic well-being of individuals, progressively leading to better self-esteem and better employment opportunities.

Below are some of our projects!

FIG 2 MAISON CARE Clacton, Essex
FIG 3 Aaron receiving his Lenovo M10 digital device.
FIG 3 Aaron receiving his Lenovo M10 digital device.
FIG 4 EAST LONDON - Delivery and receipt of digital devices by residents of East London
FIG 4 EAST LONDON - Delivery and receipt of digital devices by residents of East London
FIG 5 ELBA contact accepting delivey of Lenovo M10 Tablets
FIG 6 David at Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre
FIG 7 Betty sent this photo right after receiving her device.
FIG 7 Betty sent this photo right after receiving her device.
FIG 9 CHARITAS ANCHOR HOUSE - A beneficiary looking forward to setting up her new device
FIG 10 EAST LONDON Jamal welcoming his new LenovoM10 tablet device.
FIG 10 EAST LONDON Jamal welcoming his new LenovoM10 tablet device.
FIG 8 MAISON CARE Our visit to little paddocks during the Digital Lifeline project

Digital Lifeline.
What exactly is it?
It is an emergency response project getting devices, data and digital skills support to digitally excluded people with learning disabilities in England. It is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and delivered by Good Things Foundation.

Without further ado, the project continues to go from strength to strength by helping to alienate the digital divide exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19 and hence significantly reducing the feeling of isolation.
Through the projects digital empowerment, a large number of people with learning disabilities now have the the ability to:
1. Access health services such as, learning how to book GP appointments online.
2. Access better family time by connecting in real time through video conferencing apps.
3. Reach new heights of self-esteem by acquiring digital skills through free online training.
Even though the areas mentioned above appear simplistic, the innovative element of the project addresses the significant overlap between digital exclusion & social inequality.

The configuration & delivery of these stylus assisted Lenovo M10 Tablets, packaged with free 24GB of Internet access was made seamless by our Data Architect Martins from our partner company, DBA Masters Technology.


Fig 1. A service user at Pathways Care Consortium receiving training after being issued a Lenovo M10 Tablet.

Fig 2. Further below right, is that of a service user at Maisoncare, Little Paddocks Clacton, reaping the benefits of being issued with a digital device. This is what her care giver had to say

"Thank you so much one very happy person" 

Our project head, Lucien Taylor, coordinated and gathered progress at various stages to ensure we were within our operating parameters and of course gave the thumbs up when applicable to keep up the teams spirits!

A copy of our summary project report, written by Lucien Taylor can be accessed here as a PDF document

You can access some of our LinkedIn posts as follows:

Thank you....
To everyone who connected with our last piece on Digital Lifeline.

Today, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Good Things Foundation & Compudoug Services Limited collectively embark on a new engagement titled Devices and Digital Skills: supporting those in need.
The project is aimed at digitally assisting low income earners experiencing difficulty in gaining unperturbed access to the Internet either through the lack of ownership of a suitable device or due to financial constraints in running long term access to the World Wide Web.

Ultimately, it is envisaged that by providing these resources, beneficiaries can seamlessly up skill and hence have a fruitful relationship with longer lasting gainful employment and thus improved financial health.

As our logistics team exit from the beneficiary distribution phase, encouraging signs indicate that training and support will be paramount as device recipients interrogate us on how and when digital skills training will commence.

With 24GB of free internet data, spread over 24 months, coupled with 32GB of expansion cards per device, beneficiaries have access to a 10inch Tablet device from Lenovo as depicted in this posts' caption.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and encouragement as the inspiration from JP Morgan Chase Foundation and Good Things Foundation continues to gather momentum....

Compudoug Services Limited built new relationships along the way in this latest project post COVID-19. The relationships allowed us to create new network affiliations which galvanised the identification and targeted deployment of digital devices to qualifying individuals in East London, UK.

The relationships created included those formed with:

Fig 3 shows Aaron, a resident of East London, in receipt of digital device. You can see the full publication on LinkedIn.

Fig 4 displays more recipients in the East of London, receiving their devices and looking forward to some IT training using a combination of instructor led classes via Zoom ¦ Teams and a couple of websites at &

Fig 5 is ELBA (East London Business Alliance) accommodating us by taking their delivery for all their 18+ individuals involved in their employment programme

Fig 6 shows David of the Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre in East London after accepting their delivery of Lenovo M10 Tablets.

On-going IT training is now taking place, covering subjects including Build A Business, a targeted 37 module session that empowers individuals with ideas, confidence, management etc on running a business.

Our Team Members.

From Left, Lucien (Volunteer - Project Director and Report Management), Martins (Partner - DBA Masters Technology), Megan and Connor (Volunteer - Tablet Deployment Team), Elaine (Company Secretary) and Margarida (Advertising, PR and Branding)