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  1. SSL Certificate from Lets Ecrypt Authority
  2. WordPress CRM system feature from
  3. Privacy Policy - A very good article on the subject can be located here

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Websites? The silent channel for every business providing 365 days of access to visitors
Compudoug Services Limited has been tasked with updating the website of a Health Care Services Business.

The current site will benefit from some targeted updates including:-

SSL Certificate?
The website will benefit from a zero cost SSL Certification thanks to Let's Encrypt - a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides FREE SSL certificates. These Let's Encrypt Authority Certificates provide the same level of security as current paid certificates.
If your business is in need of a zero cost SSL Certificate then head off and ask your current ISP but remember to align this FREE SSL certificate to the needs of your business.
Get more information here

How Many Words Should Go on each Page on the Site?
The proposal is to up the word content to at least 300 words per page.
Why? Well Content Is King when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A web page that has too little content is perceived as thin and will hence not be treated with the same credibility as optimally worded web pages because content length is correlated with higher rankings.
If you have the time why not carries out a review of your website word page count?

Data Protection & Privacy Policy?
As a healthcare business the client will have an uplift of all Data Protection requirements and add Privacy Policy to its web offerings.
As Personal Identifiable Information is captured on the website the client has an obligation to ensure that all captured data are securely stored, easily accessible and consent can be revoked at anytime by the appropriate individual.
Do you need to review the Privacy Policy either present or not present for your website?

The platform being used to deploy these changes is WordPress.
WordPress is free and is still appears to be the most popular CMS choice for websites. Loaded with a huge array of Plugins that can be managed by the end user, it provides a reliable platform dating back to 2003.
WordPress is:-
Open Source and Free
User friendly
SEO friendly
Highly customizable
Has a plug-in for almost everything

Well watch this space for an update once the website update completes.