Web Development and Management

If your business needs a new website or your existing one needs updating then look no further!

Here at Compudoug Services Limited we have the expertise to deliver a website tailored to your requirements using the latest web development software.

As Privacy and Security have become very important topics, businesses now have an obligation to ensure that their infrastructure embrace these topics and hence need very robust and secure websites.

Compudoug Services Limited will aim to produce a cutting edge website for your business ensuring that your visitors enjoy an excellent customer experience.

Do you need a Secure Website? Compudoug can help
Data that is transmitted between a website and its visitors is expected to be secure. By securing your website using SSL certificates, transmitted data becomes encrypted and hence secure. This security gives your visitors assurance that their data is protected.

Do you need a User Friendly Website? Compudoug can help
A website that provides visitors a seamless customer experience can enable an increase in traffic as your visitors do not terminate their connection unexpectedly. A website that flows seamlessly also makes searching pretty efficient.

Do you need a GDPR friendly website? Compudoug can help
GDPR introduced a number of regulations including:-
Privacy Policy
Better Data Security
The right to be forgotten

The regulation can be daunting but can be achieved very cost effectively. Compudoug Services Limited is also in pole position to help you cost effectively deliver these requirements.


Employee training on Business Software and Business Systems 

With our fully qualified Engineers equipped with Microsoft Certifications (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) Compudoug is available to carry out training on numerous Microsoft systems including:-

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Migrations
  • Windows Desktop Operating Systems (Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

We aim to provide direction in setting up businesses with a path to follow in creating a Microsoft Office 365 environment tenant.

The relevant office 365 bundle will be identified and put forward for the specific needs of the business.

Desktop - Server & Network Protection

IT Security Systems for your Business

Compudoug can provide an analysis of your business network and come up with a recommendation on what security solution will meet your business needs.

Do you own a small or large business? Compudoug can help

Along with on-premise security systems Compudoug has affiliations with Veritas (a leader in network and security solutions) and together will generate a solution suite to match your needs.

Sourcing and Installing your IT systems

Looking to buy and install new hardware?

We are at hand to help source and install business IT systems. We have affiliations with major suppliers and can access a variety of brands.

We can procure desktops, printers, servers, scanners, copiers to mention a few.

With our partnership with vendors like HP (Hewlett Packard), Compudoug has access to obtaining a large array of computer equipment at competitve prices through national UK distributors.

5 STAR Package - 5 Page Website

Business Essentials

At Compudoug we realise that it is important to fit any business need to relevant commercials hence why we will look at matching a business requirement at the least possible cost.

This said we are not distracted by cutting corners and providing products that are not fit for a business. We ensure that quality is paramount in all our IT deliveries.


With increasing Cyber-Threats we always strongly advise our clients to factor in security into their businesses. Compudoug is delighted that we have affiliates who can help by identifying and providing security services.

We look at areas including

  • Prevention of Virus attacks
  • Prevention of Malware attacks
  • The use of properly configured Firewalls
  • Email Archiving

Next Steps.....

Think Compudoug can help your business? Website? Security? Application Software? Hardware? Training?
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