New Website?

New website needed? Then look no further.

At Compudoug Services Limited, we have the necessary in-house expertise to help design, build and provide on-going support for your website.

As Privacy and Security have become very important topics, businesses now have an obligation to ensure that their infrastructure embrace these topics and hence need very robust and secure websites.

Compudoug will aim to produce a cutting edge website for your business ensuring that your visitors enjoy a good customer experience.

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Secure website?

With GDPR a hot topic, Compudoug Services Limited will ensure that your website embraces the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by ensuring adequate Security, Encryption and Privacy Policy is implemented.

This will ensure your visitors can browse your website knowing that they are securely connected and hence build better trust with services provided by your website.

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Modern Website?

Our target is to increase good quality traffic to your website by ensuring that the best combination of web content and search engine algorithms coexist seamlessly.

With this combination, Search Engine Optimization can be successfully addressed to ensure that visitor search results are constantly optimized.

Constant Analytics will allow reports to be generated and interpreted so that traffic analysis is used to pinpoint the most visited pages, visitor entry & exit points.

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Compudoug will combine Price and Quality

Part of our ethos is to ensure that businesses benefit from an effective combination of an effective price point and quality website services.

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Compudoug believes in listening to our clients

It is imperative that client requirements are implemented as requested making it sometimes necessary to build bespoke websites.

As part of our portfolio, we manage and support sites that have custom work carried out including an entertainment website of ours that caters for occasions such as wedding enquiries and bookings.




Next Steps...

We will be delighted to be a part of the development or upgrade process of your web presence!