Systems procurement and Installation…

Here at Compudoug we pride ourselves in having the ability to source quality systems for our clients at competitive business rates. Not only will we carry out  full inventory of your systems, we will also provide a systems gap-analysis that fits your business model allowing us to enhance your business processes.


Although the market is saturated with outlets where hardware can be procured, Compudoug identifies the fact that these hardware items need proper vetting before rolling out into a business. So, we will carry out a ‘fit for business model’ process to ensure that any hardware identified has enough resources to fit all system requirements.


Compudoug has the expertise to design and architect your Network environment. From Network cabling, Routers, Hubs and Switches to Scanners, Printers, Multi-Function devices and many more Compudoug will work with you to identify a solution that will improve your system and carry out the installation as at when required.

With Corporate Security now being of paramount importance in any business, Compudoug will help with the identification and roll out security measures including Network Level Anti -Virus applications, Encryption solutions, Internet scanning of Emails and enure that your In-house systems have a good measure of security in place.

Why not contact us today to carry out an assessment and determine where we can add value to your IT Systems…